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The School aims to cater for everyone.  Children are accepted from the age of three years, and we provide classes for all ages, including adults.  Children can train in ballet, modern theatre dance, tap and (when they are a little older) jazz, musical theatre, commercial jazz, and contemporary dance.  Adults, too, can attend ballet and tap.

We aim to supply everything one of our students needs for their classes with us, with the exception of tap shoes.  Students starting a subject from scratch are advised to settle in with us before buying their uniform.  When the teacher feels students are ready to start pointe work, they will be offered a fitting session with trained fitters and where the teacher will also be in attendance.  This ensures the most appropriate fit from a wide range of makes and options for each student and is worth the journey.

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Our shop team

Shop technical manager - Geoff Wheatley; administration - Miss Elisabeth Swan; Pointe Shoe fitting - hosted by Nicola at Danceland at Dalbys in the presence of Miss Elisabeth Swan (Principal) or Miss Ruth Bowen-Davies (Deputy-Principal)